In recent years, it has become strategically important to protect all infrastructure used for transporting people and goods. Railway networks, sea ports and airports are infrastructure of fundamental importance to the economy and mobility, meaning specific solutions are required to guarantee their protection from attack, sabotage and vandalism.

Guaranteeing protection and perimeter intrusion control for such infrastructure is the objective sought by thewall from PROYTECSA SECURITY.

The large area requiring protection means that the perimeter protection solution needs to be low-maintenance, robust and long-lasting, not sensitive to weather phenomena and not affected by the activity of animal or plant life.

The use of sensors that need to be calibrated regularly, such as microphonic cables or mechanic tension sensors to detect jumpers, are not the most appropriate as they require regular maintenance and tend to produce false alarms because of the wind or animals. They also have relatively high installation and/or repair costs. The sturdiness and strength of the perimeter fence also needs to be very high and capable of withstanding hostile environments.

The thewall perimeter protection solution consists of a sensorised security perimeter with breach detection capabilities (jump or cut) and sensors that are adapted and integrated into the fencing itself.

The way in which the sensors are integrated into the fence reduces their chance of detection by possible intruders, thus leading to a lower probability of avoiding or countering them and significantly reducing detection vulnerability.

thewall is extremely sturdy and durable because of its high-density electro-welded mesh that can withstand forces of over 3 tonnes of tension (certified). It is also treated during the manufacturing process with techniques that make it resistant to extreme environments such as saline fog (certified). Its anti-cut and anti-jump sensor array produces zero false alarms (NAR) because it requires no regular calibration and is immune to weather phenomena, animal activity and plant activity. Installation is quick and easy, and the system unequivocally detects when attempts are being made to breach the perimeter, thus providing reliability and security against external threats.

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